LIquid Metal Competence center Karlsruhe (LIMCKA)

Flüssigmetall-Kompetenzzentrum des KIT

The research at KIT on liquid metals as a heat transfer medium in energy and process technology combines scientific work on thermal hydraulics and technology development in a unique and comprehensive manner with liquid metal-specific material research and materials development. Our vision is to strengthen and expand on this basis the national and international leading position of KIT liquid metal research. The current and future topics are embedded in several major strategic projects and projects.


Potential services provided by LIMCKA

All complemented by engineering and simulation support with qualified and validated tools

  • Engineering support for component and loop design
  • Access to experimental facilities
  • Development of demonstrators and prototypes
  • System and safety assessment
  • First- principle, performance and qualification experiments
  • Material data base for LM applications


Industrial Customers?

Liquid metal technology requires a broad knowledge and engineering basis for successful developing new application areas such as:

  • CSP – definition of key components and technologies
  • Medicine:  providing cooling to high energy targets
  • Engineering:  providing high heat load solutions for FUSION (Divertor, FW….)
  • Training including safety provisions and LM handling


Competences within LIMCKA


Material technology Momentum/energy/mass transfer Systems & components

Structural materials

Functional materials

Protective layers and surface alloys

Material degradation

Joints – heat treatment


Momentum transfer

Heat transfer

Multi-phase flows

Process design

Fluid conditioning

Thermo-electric conversion

System design

Safety assessment

Operational/loop analysis


Component qualification

Active liquid metal system units


Involvement in HGF Programs




Infrastructures – Platforms - LIMCKA Labs


ITES, Karlsruhe Liquid Metal Laboratory INR, Karlsruhe Sodium Laboratory KASOLA IHM IAM-AWP
  • HELiS (ITES) Hydrogen production Experiment in liquid tin
  • THESYS (ITES) – heat transfer experiments in PbBi flows
  • GALINKA (ITES) loop for functional verification of liquid metal measurement techniques in GaInSn
  • THEADES (ITES) test loop for prototypes of PbBi operated power components
  • ALINA  (ITES) generic free surface and duct flow studies in sodium
  • SOLTEC 1-3 (IAM-AWP, IHM, INR)- material qualification in flowing sodium and test facility for monolithic CSP receiver
  • ATEFA (INR) facility to test thermo-electric conversion units in sodium (AMTEC)
  • DITEFA (INR) – generic momentum and heat transfer in Gallium-indium tin with traversable t,u-sensors
  • KASOLA (INR) test loop for prototypical systems and components in sodium up to 150m³/h.
  • KARIFA (INR) test facility with 20 KW laser heating
  • COSTA 1-6 (IHM) Corrosion in stagnant lead and lead alloys at defined oxygen partial pressures
  • CORELLA (IHM) Corrosion-erosion in flowing Pb alloy
  • FRETHME (IHM) fretting in stagnant Pb alloy
  • GESA/ GESA - SOFIE (IHM) Pulsed electron beam facility for surface modification
  • MINIPOT (IHM)  - oxygen and impurity transport in liquid PbBi
  • CORTINA (IAM-AWP) corrosion in sodium
  • CORRIDA (IAM-AWP) corrosion in flowing PbBi
  • PICCOLO (IAM-AWP) corrosion erosion in flowing PbLi




ITES, Karlsruhe Liquid Metal Laboratory INR IHM IAM-AWP

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